Pistol Bullet Swaging Die for making your own Prot-X-Bore bullets.

  The Swage-It pistol bullet swaging die comes complete to form swaged bullets.  Specify the nose punch form you want to make.  Dies are hardened to 52 Rockwell "C", are adjustable to a full range of bullet weights and fit all standard 7/8" x 14 thread presses.  If extra nose punches are desired specify the type and they will be fitted to your die.  If someone later needs another type of nose punch simply send a bullet made in your die to help us match a snug fit to your die.  Complete instructions for swaging and loading the bullets are included with each die set.  

This 44 Caliber die set includes additional base punch to make jacketed bullets, hollow point, SWC, and two styles of Wadcutter nose punches.  Also in picture are a pistol jacket and zinc base.

9MM die and punch for making round nose bullets.

30 Caliber die and SWC nose punch.

45 Caliber Pistol  die and SWC nose punch.

Forming Bullets in the Swage-It Die

The bullet is formed in a single stroke of the press in the same manner as copper jacketed bullets.  A rivet head like projection secures the zinc base to the bullet.  The base remains with the bullet even after impact with a solid object.  No lubricant is required.  Click Here to learn more about the Prot-X-Bore Bullets.   

When ordering please let us know your application, caliber etc., (slugging your bore is a great help) so we may match the die for your bore.  Prot-X-Bore bullets should be made slightly oversize.

The sizes available are as follows:

Caliber Size Range
30 .308 - .311
9MM .355 - .357
38/.357 .357 - .358
44 .429 - .431
45 .452 - .454


Item Price Special Price 30 Cal 9MM 38/357 44 Cal 45 Cal
Complete Die Set for Zinc Base $68.75 $50.00 x x x x x
Complete Die Set for Jacketed Bullets $68.75 $50.00 x x x x x
Extra Base Punch for Zinc Base Bullets $14.75 $11.50 x x x x x
Extra Base Punch for Jacketed Bullets $14.75 $11.50 x x x x x
Extra Nose Punch - Round Nose $15.75 $12.50 N/A x x N/A x
Extra Nose Punch - Semi Wadcutter $15.75 $12.50 x x x x x
Extra Nose Punch - Wadcutter $15.75 $12.50 x x x x x
Extra Nose Punch - Hollow Point $!5.75 $12.50 N/A N/A N/A N/A x
Extra Nose Punch - Spitzer $15.75 $12.50 x N/A N/A N/A N/A
Extra Nose Punch * $19.75 $15.50 x N/A N/A N/A N/A

* This punch will be fitted to your die and tested on it's ability to make Prot-X-Bore bullet having second zinc disc on forward shoulder of bullet.  A modified waddcutter usually works well.  See below.  Lower bullet has zinc on base and on forward shoulder.



Custom Die Sets.  A die set may be made custom to your caliber.  Example: .458 or .358 die set for swaging a  3/4 jacketed flat point bullet.  Cost for this service is $85.00.  (Special $70.00)  Please let us know your needs.




Swage-It Lead Core Wire Cutter

  You only need a scale and a pair of wire cutters to cut cores out of a length of lead wire.   The drawback of doing it this way is the time that it takes to trim a core to the weight you want.  Using the Swage-It Lead Core Wire Cutter you can adjust the cut length and consistently cut usable cores.  The easiest application of the core cutter is when you are working in a space that allows a lead wire spool to be mounted above you on the ceiling.  In this way you may spool off lead wire in a relatively strait condition.  With the core cutter mounted to a bench or table top below, let the lead descend into the core cutter and rest against the adjustable stop.  The operator simply  moves the lever shearing the core.  Once you are setup it is possible to make several hundred cores in only minutes, each ready to be swaged.  The Cutter's body and shear plate have holes to cut wire for 22 to 45 caliber bullets and are made of hardened steel.  The mounting bracket permits multiple positioning.

Swage-It Lead Core Wire Cutter  Price $49.95  Special Offer $38.50




Swage-It Adjustable Core Mold

  The Swage-It adjustable Core Mold is an economical means of casting slugs for swaging bullets.  It is adjustable to provide cores of the length and weight you desire.  When the core is cast, cut the sprue and bump the spring loaded ejector pin on the bench.  The core will eject and the ejector pin will return to position.  Close the sprue plate and cast again.  Be sure to cast pure lead as small amounts of alloy will result in a major increase in swaging force.  Each mold comes with a long and short ejector pin giving you a full range of possible weights.  Molds are available in 30, 38, and 44/45 caliber.  

Swage-It Adjustable Core Mold  Price $39.95  Special Offer $28.50


Swage-It Zinc Bases

  Swage-It Zinc Bases are made from the best quality rolled strip.  This ensures the best possible results sherardizing a barrel.  Beware of other Zinc washers made of less refined material.  They are not capable of the same results Swage-It bases are.

Quantity  Caliber Price
1000 30 $20.00
1000 9MM/38/357 $22.00
1000 44 $24.00
1000 45 $24.00



Coming Soon:

Jackets for pistol calibers


H-P s 100, 1.5 oz. jar $7.95 

Hi-Pressure Lubricant. Ideal for use in resizing brass and similar applications. This blended lube is ideal for bullet swaging.  The smallest dab will go a long way.
A Product of Hawk, Inc.

H-P s 100 $7.95

LEE Universal Expanding Die

  This die gently flares the case mouth to accept cast bullets without shaving.  Prevents damaging the soft lead, moly or other coating.  Works exceptionally well with the Prot-X-bore bullets.  The die will work with 22 - 45 calibers.  Nice to have a tool that covers so many applications.  $12.50. 

LEE Universal Expanding Die  $12.50


Thoughts on bullet swaging.

  Swaging can be an enjoyable hobby that meshes well with the interest of a reloader.  It adds more creativity to the loaded cartridge.  Weights may be changed without additional tooling, and in a pinch one could make fine bullets to load.  The Swage-It system is all designed to NOT cost excessive money just to enjoy swaging.  Your press using 7/8" - 14 dies is fine.  You will learn along the way, have fun and impress your shooting friends.

  The Swage-It inventory is limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.  Some calibers will be gone before others.  We can assemble just so many die sets before we will need to introduce new production runs.  If you are remotely interested in a die set this is the time to buy one as you won't see these prices again.  Please contact us with your wants and needs.  We are glad to assist in your final selections of Swage-It equipment and advise on availability.  

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