Custom Bullets

We do produce bullets in calibers that are not listed and can also make bullets to order (i.e. an unusual weight or different jacket thickness, etc.). We are glad to quote a price for a custom bullet. The price will be in line with similar bullets in the price list, but we will stipulate a minimum number to make it feasible (usually around 4 to 6 boxes). The Hawk Precision bullet has been produced in over 1,000 different configurations, calibers/weights/jackets/styles.

The following is a list of examples of custom orders we have made. The parameters that were not normally available are displayed in bold.

.323 dia x 200gr x.035 RT
.338 dia x 215gr x .035 RT
.264 dia x 100gr x .030 RT
.510 dia x 535gr x .035 SCH
.348 dia x 300gr x .035 FP
.321 dia x 200gr x .030 RT

Guides are often called on to anchor game at high altitudes where a 100 yard run could take days to retrieve the quarry.  In some cases dangerous game may have to be finished off without the luxury of picking a good shot.  The following guide had us build a bullet for the .416 Remington Magnum to encompass all his hunting circumstances.

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"I am most pleased with the (.416 diameter) 325 grain spitzer with .050 jacket.  I and my assistant guide experienced good results during........fall hunts.  Good accuracy with excellent penetration.   Only recovered one bullet.  Exits were 1" to 3" on all trophies...Keep up the good work."
                -Wayne Woods, Alaska, Master Guide

The bullet Wayne used is a good example of a custom order.  The thicker jacket is capable of higher velocity and has the integrity to stand up to the toughest bear.  We let Wayne pick his ideal weight, jacket thickness, and bullet shape.

To get a quote tell us what you have in mind, anticipated velocity and intended game, etc.

Custom Bullet Quote Request.